XVIII. Symposium zur ökonomischen Analyse der Unternehmung, 20.- 22. September 2017, Universität Hohenheim

Walther-Rathenau Preis

2003 Christian Grund, Dirk Sliwka Envy and compassion in tournaments Urkunde
2004 Joachim Henkel The Jukebox Mode of Innovation – a Model of Commercial Open Source Development Urkunde
2005 Wendelin Schnedler Performance Measure Congruence and Efficient Allocation Across Tasks Urkunde
2006 Alwine Mohnen, Kathrin Pokorny Is Honesty the Best Policy? An Experimental Study on the Honesty of Feedback in Employer-Employee Relationships Urkunde
2007 Björn M. Dymke, Andreas Walter Insider Trading in Germany – Do Corporate Insiders Exploit Inside Information? Urkunde
2008 Oliver Gürtler, Thomas Giebe Optimal Contracts for Lenient Supervisors Urkunde
2009 Jenny Kragl Individual vs. Relative Performance Pay with Envious Workers and Non-verifiable Performance Urkunde
2010 Markus Reisinger Unique-Equilibrium in Two-Part Tariff Competition between Two-Sided Platforms Urkunde
2011 Anja Schöttner Incentives to Motivate Urkunde
2012 Anna Boisits The disciplining role of mandatory disclosure Urkunde
2013 Felix Noth How Do Insured Deposits Affect Bank Stability? Evidence from the 2008 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act Urkunde
2014 Demian Berchtold Corporate Aging and Internal Resource Allocation Urkunde